Palma – Horno Santo Cristo

This is an historic local bakery which has been trading for over a century, known for its ensaimadas. I like bakeries as I’m always on the lookout for anything which is as good as Greggs. I don’t often find anything that good if I’m being honest, but it does happen.

Now, this is something that Greggs could introduce….. A jolly and welcoming chap at the door.

The range of cakes and pastries which were available at the counter. The service was very friendly and the staff member spoke perfect English, which was helpful. There aren’t a large number of seats inside the cafe, but I was able to find something suitable to while away half an hour or so.

I saw that there were some negative reviews that the coffee was too hot, which is something that I think is a genuine complaint, although I’m aware that there are people who claim that coffee can’t be too hot. Anyway, mine wasn’t too hot, indeed it could have done with being a little hotter. Nothing particularly exceptional with the coffee, but it was entirely drinkable, although perhaps just a little bland.

The pork pie seemed quite tempting when I saw it in the counter, although pies like this are always a lucky dip since it’s impossible to see in them before ordering. The crust was quite firm, perhaps just a little too firm, but it had some flavour to it. The inside of the pie was excellent, good quality meat, a depth of taste, a firm texture and it was well seasoned. It had the texture and consistency of a high quality terrine, so I was very pleased with this purchase. The prices were also reasonable, around £4 for the coffee and the pie.

Anyway, this is a nice cafe, although I noted that nearly all of the customers appeared to be tourists.