Palma – Parròquia de Santa Eulàlia (Terraces)

I bought a pass from Spiritual Mallorca at the weekend, primarily to get me into Palma Cathedral and the Royal Monastery, although it came with other benefits as well. That included access to the terraces at the Church of Santa Eulàlia, and a trip onto the roof of old buildings is always exciting.

This is the turret thing where visitors enter the terraces from. It’s not a problem for those suffering from a fear of heights (like me – although I’m very brave and rarely mention it), but the top bit is just a little bit tight.

Visitors get to walk above the side aisle of the church, underneath the flying buttresses.

Up close to the church’s main rose window at the front of the building.

One of the old wooden winches which were once used to lift and lower the church’s lamps.

A view across the rooftops of the beautiful Royal Monastery.

I had wondered what the strange looking towers were on some buildings, but they are apparently towers built by merchants so they could watch their ships entering and leaving the harbour without having to leave their home.

The window at the end of the church, above the chancel and apse.

Some scratchings into the stonework, I’m unsure of how old they are.

Normally, there’s a €5 charge to go on the terraces, although it was included with my tickets. It was slightly bizarre that when I went up a friendly lady gave me the information on where to go and she pointed out how to get into the tower, telling me “there’s a no entry sign, just ignore it”, which I feared might go wrong. However, when I came back down, not only had the lady gone, but so had all the desk and accoutrements around it. It was like something out of Goodnight Sweetheart.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful church and a trip up to the roof is recommended for anyone who has a spare thirty minutes or so.