Palma – Ca Na Cati

I hadn’t intended to go in this cafe, but the pastries looked just too tempting so I accidentally walked in. To be fair, I do that quite a lot with this sort of place.

I’m missing Greggs at the moment, so this was a pleasant sight to behold. On that point, whilst sitting in the cafe I noticed that Greggs have announced a large jump in profits, which is a wonderful piece of news.

This was keenly priced, something just under £3 for the eclair and coffee, and the coffee was entirely acceptable with a suitable mildly bitter flavour. The eclair was generously filled with cream and that element was delicious, although it wasn’t as fresh as it could have been so the pastry was quite firm, but the tastes were there, so I willingly forgave them.

The toilet situation was confusing, they seem to have put in some anti-visitor system which needs a card to turn the lights on. Fortunately, the emergency lighting was just enough for me to see (although my phone has a torch which can be used in extremis), but it didn’t entirely add a great deal to the proceedings and to the ambience of my visit. And I only realised about the card system on my way out. I can’t be doing with all this technology.

Anyway, it was all clean and the staff member was friendly and helpful.