Palma – Royal Palace of La Almudaina (St. Anne’s Chapel)

St. Anne’s Chapel, or the Capilla de Santa Ana, is the final part of a visit to the Royal Palace of La Almudaina.

Although the exterior of this building has been changed on numerous occasions, the interior has remained relatively intact since it was first constructed in the fourteenth century.

The chapel’s organ.

This little collection of artefacts are relics, and part of a skeleton, of Saint Práxedes and they were brought to the chapel of King James III of Majorca following a visit that he made to Rome. There have been numerous miracles which have been associated with these relics over the centuries, although quite where they were stored for over one thousand years before King James III purchased them, goodness only knows.

It’s a peaceful little chapel, which stands very much in the shadow of Palma Cathedral, although I think I noticed a couple of visitors managed to miss it and headed straight for the exit after touring the Palace itself.