Palma – Airport Bus from City Centre

All good things must come to an end, with today being my last day in Mallorca and the rather lovely city of Palma. I haven’t actually made it out of Palma and its suburbs yet, there’s more than enough to see and do in the city itself.

I picked up the bus (not literally) from the port area of the city, which wasn’t far from my hotel, which as can be seen above from the hoards of passengers was a popular stop. Although the bus was full with standing room only by the time it reached the city centre, but I had my comfortable back seat sorted.

The real reason that I’ve posted this is that someone had left a pack of M&Ms on one of the seats and they suddenly went flying shortly after we set off. The driver probably thought that it was me since I was the only passenger, but it reminded me of a miniature version of the Sony Bravia ad where thousands of balls are set off down a hill. I feel sorry for what was perhaps a child who lost his or her sweets, but it did lead to an interesting game of pinball for some time, along with a smell of chocolate which didn’t disperse during the journey.