Palma – Airport Bus to City Centre

After my three hour delayed flight, I was quite pleased to be at Palma airport at a vaguely reasonable hour of just before 21:00. Which just meant finding the airport bus 1, which goes to Palma city centre, a process which wasn’t too challenging as the signage is clear.The information on the bus’s web-site said that they were every fifteen minutes and I got there and there was a screen saying there was nineteen minutes left until the next one….

There was a ticket machine at the bus stop, but it accepted cash only and looked a little rickety to say the least. So, I ignored it, as everyone else seemed to. Then, a man started to walk around claiming that he was selling tickets. I’m always highly suspicious of behaviour like this, in case it’s a random person flogging off used tickets. So, I discreetly avoided him until I was confident that everyone else had bought tickets from him. I needn’t have worried, he was the official ticket seller. The ticket was €5 to get from the airport to the city centre, which is realistically the only option. The only other way is to get a taxi and I’m not made of money.

There was a mad dash for the bus when it arrived.

The bus was nearly full and I managed to sit on the back row. It was handy as the seat next to me was wet from a leak above and so that meant no-one tried to sit there. Well, they did, but I pointed out the wet patch. Which is probably a way of stopping customers from sitting next to you, just squirt it with water. Not that I did here, there was genuinely a leak.

As is usual, my stop was at the end of the bus route so everyone bar one person had got off. The one remaining lady on board didn’t seem to realise she needed to get off, so I have no idea where she was trying to get to. But, then the next part of the adventure started, getting from the port area where the bus had stopped to where my hotel was.