Palma – Google Maps Error

I had disembarked from my bus journey from the airport and now just needed to walk to the hotel. I have a high regard for Google Maps, but it managed to produce a ridiculous error which initially concerned me.

This was the journey that I was expecting to make, from the red dot on the right, to the hotel on the left. It was around a twenty minute walk and was relatively direct. Above is the correct map which is produced when I search for a route from the hotel to the bus stop.

However, this is the journey which the app showed me, something which did cause me some concern when I got off the bus. It would have been a ridiculous walk and would have meant I’d have been better off to get off the bus earlier. It also didn’t make logical sense to me. Incidentally, the above map is exactly the same route as the top photo, I’ve just switched the direction.

Fortunately, the walking route on the top map was correct and I made the hotel in just over twenty minutes. But, there was an element of relief when it worked out, as Google Maps is rarely this wrong.

When walking back in the daylight, I saw this sign. It appears Google Maps has accidentally marked the pavement as one way for pedestrians when marking the road as one way for cars…