Opole – Delikatesy

I haven’t entirely worked out the set-up here, but it appears to be a like a mini food court with a number of food and drink outlets within one premises.

I ordered the pizza from one of the counters shortly after entering the restaurant and they gave me a buzzer to collect it when it was ready. The service at the pizza counter was warm and friendly, with the ordering process briefly explained. And having the buzzer  meant that I could go and investigate the craft beer options in the meantime.

When it arrived, the pizza was a little larger than I expected, but it was well presented and at the appropriate hot temperature. There was plenty of chorizo on the pizza and it had a pleasant flavour, with the edges being suitably crispy. I could find slight fault that the bottom was slightly soggy, it needed probably another couple of minutes in the pizza option, but it still tasted good.

Meating appear to be operating both a restaurant serving burgers and grilled items, alongside this craft beer selection. And, I have to say, this is brilliant, on-trend, interesting and innovative selection of beers. The staff member was enthusiastic, engaging and was merrily offering samples of the beers.

There were two dark beers available and I tried one of them, the coffee oatmeal stout, which didn’t quite taste as rich as I’d have liked. So, instead I went for a lighter option, which is the Birbant Hopsbant, which was hoppy and had light flavours of peach. It was expensive for Poland, and around £3 a pint, although the bar did have cheaper beers as well.

But I’ll be back, as this was a stand-out bar for me, because of the selection, the customer service and the quality of the beer.

The seating area, although there were lower level tables and also external seating as well. All absolutely lovely and so very on-trend, with well above average customer service.