Opole – Kawiarnia Kafka

My quick lunch today was the coffee shop at this rather modern looking building, which is I think part of the city’s library.

The coffee shop is bright and airy, with an open feel to it, with more seating available outside. There was a range of different seating types as well, catering for those who wanted a table (ideal for me and my laptop) and some more comfortable lower level seating.

It wasn’t particularly busy, just a couple of other customers when I was there. Everything seemed clean and ordered though, with the bonus that I felt that the ordering process was clear and so I didn’t look as confused as I often do about what to do.

A latte and some sort of fruit sponge cake, I didn’t quite ascertain exactly what it was. The cake was nicely presented and I liked the little addition of the orange slice to make it more colourful. The cake had a pleasant taste and wasn’t too rich, all perfectly acceptable. The latte was also served at the temperature that I think it should be, namely not so hot I have to wait twenty minutes for it to cool down.

The service was pleasant and polite, with the staff member speaking English, as my Polish didn’t really extend to ordering a cake that I couldn’t actually even describe in English either. The whole environment was relaxing and peaceful, all very appropriate for its location near to the library. The cost for the drink and cake was just over £3, which seems to be in keeping with what I’d expect for Poland.