Opole – Shanti Indian

This Indian restaurant opened earlier in 2019, on one of the main streets in Opole, specialising in more street food type dishes.

The menu was relatively short and this is usually a good sign, as complicated menus rarely bode well for decent cuisine. The menu was also easy to understand, they’ve avoided the temptation to make everything overly-complex. And, although they haven’t translated all of the ingredients, the name of each dish is in English, making it easier for non-Poles to understand what to order.

The interior was clean and comfortable, with an on-trend feel rather than a unnecessary nod towards stereotypical Indian restaurant designs. The service at the counter was excellent, with the staff member being engaging and helpful, then bringing the food over when it was ready.

Freshly made lemonade, not exceptional, but still refreshing and it had a clean flavour.

This was a bigger portion size than I was expecting, a combination of chicken curry, rice and some salad elements on the top. The curry had a depth of taste to it and wasn’t too spicy, whilst the chicken was tender and plentiful.

I’m not sure that it’s overly authentic Indian cuisine, but it was quite a decent lunch, which cost around £5 including the drink. Hopefully the venue will do well, the contemporary structure to the whole operation looks towards the future rather than the past.