Norwich – King’s Head

I should have written about this on my blog before, but the King’s Head in Norwich is one of my favourite pubs and is absolutely worthy of its place in the Good Beer Guide. Friendly, warm, welcoming and always with sufficiently interesting beers for me. They’re more on the real ale end of the spectrum than the craft beer end, but the quality is high and the choice is balanced and well thought out.

The beer list is reduced given the current situation, but there was a coffee stout and this pleased me greatly. OK, the S&P Beano Coffee Stout might not be world-class, but it’s a solid 4/5 on Untappd for me. As usual, perfectly kept and at the appropriate temperature.

Not that the pub has much choice in the matter, but it’s sad to see the bar billiards table like that.

The pub was busier than this for much of our stay, but I took the photo of the back bar when people weren’t in it, that makes things easier. The whole health issue was handled well, table service was offered, beer menus at the table, extra drinks offered pro-actively, payment taken at the table, everything clearly laid out. Marvellous, all very professional.

The front bar, feeling quite empty and there’s now a one-way system operating throughout.

And more photos of the front bar. As every, a marvellous pub which is understated, professional and a reliable location for a dark beer (and others for customers who so desire). I was tempted as usual by the pork pies, which are back on the menu, but managed to resist on this occasion. But, their pork pies are a culinary delight, served with mustard and pickle…… Ah, it’s good to be back in pubs….