Norwich – Nelson’s Statue

The statue of Norfolk’s hero, Nelson, in Norwich Cathedral Upper Close. It was installed here in 1847, sculpted by Thomas Milnes. It was attacked by vandals, twice, over recent days. I have no comment to make on my non-political blog, but I’m conscious that this may be an independent attack without political links, so jumping to conclusions would be unhelpful and wouldn’t be relevant here anyway. Events may mean that view is misguided, but we shall see and perhaps it was intended as an attack on the Church of England, the establishment, British history, society in general or the British Empire. I don’t know and that debate can be had elsewhere.

The rear of the statue.

The front of the statue.

When we were standing taking photos, a police car drove by. I thought they might hang around and see why I standing by the statue, but they must have thought I was trustworthy as they drove off (the lights of the police car are just visible going through the Erpingham Gate in the above photo).