Mrągowo – Let’s go walking :)

Although I’ve made a lot of visits to Poland, most of them have been to urban locations and I haven’t done a great deal of walking here. I saw the above sign though early on to my arrival at Mrągowo, and it suggested that there was a walking route. So I followed it.

The bulk of the walk, which transpired to be just under seven miles, was around the lake, although some of it later went into the wooded area. There were numerous jetties and landing stages around the lake.

It was a pleasant day with a gentle breeze. An elderly Polish gentleman came up to me and spoke some Polish at me, and then kindly translated his comments when he realised I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. He told me that I was brave not to be wearing the coat that I was carrying. I agreed with him.

The path around the lake.

This jetty has perhaps seen better days.

I only realised towards the end of the walk that the route had been riddled with anacondas, or some similar snake.

And the woods. The signage was clear throughout and the paths were all well maintained.