Bus from Olsztyn to Mrągowo

My next destination on this trip is Mrągowo, a predominantly tourist town in the Masurian Lake District. The town has its own railway station, but they decided to close it for passengers a few years ago, so now it has a lovely closed railway station. Fortunately they haven’t taken the track up, as it’s still used for freight, and the possibility of re-opening remains possible.

So, no train means I’ll need to take a bus from Olsztyn. I was pleased that the bus company had put a careful plan of where to catch the bus on their web-site, so I thought nothing could go wrong. So imagine my delight when I realised that the road the buses were meant to stop at was closed. After some wandering around, pretending to know where I was going, I found the above sign. This is the service I wanted.

Here it is, the luxury coach pulls up.

Well, how lovely and spacious. The journey took just under an hour and was suitably bumpy, but it was enjoyable to see so much of the Polish countryside. It’s a relatively untouched part of the country and as it’s in the lakes, there were some pleasant views. The journey cost 10zl, which is around £2.

And here we are, safe and sound!