Mrągowo – Artystyczne Ciacho

Situated by Jezioro Magistrackie (the Magistrate’s Lake – named as once only the town magistrate could fish there) is this modern coffee shop.

A full range of coffees and a rather delightful selection of cakes and ice creams.

I spot a meringue…. Service was friendly (again) despite the staff member having a queue of customers to serve.

They have ice. Dylan would have been delighted!

The coffee shop, with a rather attractive interior, got much busier at lunch-time. For those who prefer it, there was also an outside seating area which had views over the lake.

I couldn’t resist the raspberry meringue, with a latte. The meringue melted in the mouth and the raspberries made the whole thing healthy and nutritious. I thought that it was quite a generous portion size as well.

Lattes aren’t usually served like this, but I prefer them presented in this style, as the coffee runs through the froth at the top. The cake and coffee cost about £3 in UK money.