Mrągowo – Hotel Mazuria

I decided that I’d extend my stay in Mrągowo by one night, an advantage in staying outside the summer season, as there’s pretty good availability in hotels in September. I changed hotel though, just down the road from the Mercure, to the Hotel Mazuria. I arrived when it was just started to hail, so not the ideal welcome weather-wise.

I had read that the rooms had a lake view, but I assumed that was only some of the rooms and not all of them. However, the hotel has an interesting design, so it’s got a flat front over several floors where all the rooms are located, so they do all have lake views. The reception area and restaurant have been pushed to the back of the building, which is all well thought out. I was very pleased with the view, although it continued to rain for most of the day so sitting out on the balcony wasn’t a viable option.

The receptionist was helpful and, amongst other things, she told me where the lift was. Although I’ve had this before, where I’ve faffed about finding the lift and it has transpired that my room was literally only 15 seconds walk away as it was from reception. But luckily I’m not very important and so the 30 seconds extra it took me to get to the room via the lift didn’t impact negatively on my day.

No tea and coffee facilities in his hotel, the first one of this trip not to have them. Although this isn’t unusual for Poland, and they provided bottled water. The room had everything that I needed, other than plug sockets. It did have them, but they’d hidden them behind all the furniture, which meant that I had to move everything. Again, this didn’t impact negatively on my day, but I’m always worried that I’ll break something.

The room didn’t feel quite as contemporary as some of the other hotels in terms of the design, but it was all well maintained, clean and tidy.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the breakfast, although they’d clearly gone to some trouble to offer a selection of items. The breakfast room was nearly empty, and I understood that the hotel had low occupancy, which must make providing food more of a challenge. The selection of cold meats didn’t look too appetising, I couldn’t find any milk for the cereals and the choice of bread was, well, one type of roll. I also couldn’t work out what the situation with coffee was, and there were no staff around.

Not quite as appealing as the other breakfasts I’ve had this week in the region. But, in any event, this room and breakfast cost £24 for the night, so it would be obtuse to complain too much about anything. The strongest point for me about the hotel was the views that it offered, I can imagine it’s quite relaxing to spend a week here overlooking the lake.