Lviv – Delicateka

I have this habit of always visiting the best rated burger restaurant in any city, as they’re usually on-trend, customer service friendly and have a high quality product. So, in Lviv, that restaurant was Delicateka.

I couldn’t find the menu on-line, so here’s the English version for anyone who wants it. They hadn’t translated the drinks menu, but the staff member spoke excellent English, so it didn’t matter.

Some of the decor.

This is Red Eyes, a local beer made by Pravda Beer in Lviv. It was a very drinkable beer with a slight citrus flavour.

The bar area.

I ordered the Tex-Mex burger and managed to forget to order chips….. But, the burger was excellent, although it was slightly messy to eat because of the chilli. The beef was tender and rich in taste, and although it was cooked well done the meat was still soft and full of flavour. The tomato and sauce added extra taste and the bun was of a decent quality, with the bacon adding some texture. This was above average, one of the better burgers that I’ve tasted.

Jonathan went for the ramen, which looked rather decent.

The service was friendly, engaging and pro-active, with the environment being modern and on-trend. The food was reasonably priced, about £3 for the burger.