Lviv – Varka

Centrally located is this Varka, an on-trend bar specialising in craft beer. It’s just celebrated its second birthday and is one of the better reviewed bars in Lviv.

The menu board. I only needed to read down to imperial stout to know which I’d be having. But, an interesting selection.

The imperial stout cost around £1.50 for the large size, which is no doubt rather high for Lviv, but it’s a premium beer and would cost a lot more in the UK. Indeed, given my experiences of Brighton last week, it certainly cost a lot more in the UK.

Anyway, the stout was decent, a nice rich taste and it was at the appropriate slightly chilled temperature. Personally I think the head was served too high though. Although it didn’t affect the taste, it did impact a little negatively on the presentation.

The interior of the bar which was modern, whilst still reflecting the historic nature of the building that it’s in. The environment was comfortable with the music only noticeable in the background so that it didn’t dominate the proceedings.

The service was friendly and helpful, although the bar seemed quiet and numerous other reviews also noted that. Perhaps the bar is just a little ahead of its time, I’m sure that Lviv in a few years will have a lot of craft beer bars just like this one. Hopefully anyway….