Brighton – Evening Star

The rain decided it would fall quite heavily tonight in Brighton, which meant that I had to do the only logical thing I could of, which was to run inside a pub. By run I actually mean walk.

This is a tempting little number and the staff member was keen to engage about the options, mentioning there were some bottles of dark beer to choose from as well. The beer had only just been put on (I didn’t guess that, the staff member told me) and it had a sweet taste, but was very drinkable. At the appropriate temperature, it had a surprising number of flavours to it, much better than I had expected.

I have a rule that if it rains when I’m in Brighton, then I’ll have a dark beer and a packet of Hula Hoops. Since this was a classy pub which sold such delights, I was pleased to be able to meet my rule. Which admittedly is a rule I’ve started tonight.

Part of the beer list, there are certainly some expensive little numbers on here….

I really liked this pub, it had a quiet atmosphere even when it was busy. Lots of character, although it’s one of the darkest pubs that I’ve visited. By dark, I mean that it hasn’t got much light, not that customers were taking part in some dark deeds. One customer was sitting directly under one of the few lights so that he could read his newspaper, and it did feel that it was a bit too dark. Anyway, it’s a charming pub and the service was efficient and friendly. and they had Hula Hoops.