Brighton – Prince Albert

This live music and rock pub is part of the Brighton scene and it’s noticeable from the road if only for the graffiti and artwork on the side of it. It’s a bit hidden away at the bottom, but there’s a Bansky work there which is well known, the Kissing Policemen. Unfortunately this is just a copy, as the original was lifted on the pub in 2011 and sold at auction.

I opted for the Broken Dream breakfast stout and the beer was well-kept and tasted of a good quality. I’ve seen quite a bit of the Siren Craft Brew beers over the last day, although I’m not sure why as it’s not a local company, it’s from Wokingham.

The pub’s atmosphere felt just that bit tense to me, so I didn’t feel entirely comfortable throughout my time there. I think that’s the first time in 2018, so it’s not a feeling that I get very often. However, it is a vibrant pub and so they aren’t likely aiming to deliver a relaxed and refined ambience.

I had thought about eating at the pub, but I decided against it given my thoughts about the atmosphere. But the menu options looked interesting, although perhaps just a little on the expensive side.

The service was friendly and helpful, with the staff member knowledgeable about the beer selection. He also said goodbye when I left, and that sort of acknowledgement is nice to see (well, hear).

The signage inside the pub for the toilets is excellent, one of the best that I’ve seen in a pub. However, that’s probably necessary as the male toilets are outside and they would be difficult to find without the clear signage. They weren’t in the best state, but outside toilets are not known for their decadent surroundings. The door to the toilets though is a work of art.

Overall, I liked the pub, with a friendly atmosphere putting aside the slightly tense feel to the whole affair. The beer tasted fine, the staff member was polite and the food offering looked interesting.