Brighton – Pump House

When we went to the Chequers pub in Oxford a couple of weeks ago, I downloaded the Nicholson’s app when our group ordered food. Roll forwards to my arrival in Brighton today, and I received a notification that I could get a pint for £1 at the Pump House, the Nicholson’s pub in the city. So, being easily tempted, I went along.

The real ale which was going to be £1 had run out, so the helpful staff member suggested that I have a gin and tonic instead which would also be £1. This seemed like a good deal, so I went for that. I’m not really a gin person, primarily because I never think to order it (it looks expensive is the primary reason), but it’s a fashionable drink and I should really know more about it.

Whilst I was at the bar I noticed the rather tempting Sweet Dream, so I went for half a pint of that as well. It’s a chocolate milk stout and it didn’t disappoint, with a rich flavour and a pleasant after-taste. It was also served at the appropriate slightly chilled temperature and the only thing really wrong with it was that I didn’t order a pint of it.

I took a seat by the window and had a good view of the bar area of this historic pub, which apparently has cellars dating to the medieval period. The pub is one of the oldest in Brighton and an effort has been made with the interior, with some impressive mirrors and wooden panelling.

A lady at the neighbouring table commented to her party that I typed very quickly, which is technically accurate, but she said it loudly enough that I had to acknowledge what she said. Anyway, she was rather lovely and conveniently I was offered some advice on Italy, which was well-timed since I was in the pub planning the 2019 Hike Norfolk trip to the land of pizza and wine.

The view from inside the window looking outwards to an interesting part of Brighton, which like the pub also feels historic and full of atmosphere.

The pub was comfortable and felt welcoming, with the two staff members making an effort to engage with customers. I still think that Nicholson’s are one of the better chains, something which the historic nature of their pubs helps with as they’re full of character.