Lviv – Lviv Coffee Manufacture

After lots of church visiting I felt that it was time for coffee and cake….

Well, how tempting! As usual I never quite know where to order from, so I ordered at the counter and the food and drink was brought over promptly. I think it was probably table service, but either way, it was efficient and the staff were friendly and spoke excellent English.

The dining environment was comfortable with numerous customers sitting with their computers doing work (or looking at Facebook for all I know….) and the ambience was laid-back. It was all clean and well organised, with the staff member at the till finding my order promptly when I went to pay.

The coffee was well presented, at a drinkable temperature and with a pleasant flavour. The chocolate eclair was creamy and there was a generous amount of chocolate on top, all with a fresh taste. Reasonably priced, the drink and eclair cost around £2.