Las Vegas – An Unfortunate Incident

This is Fremont Street, in downtown Las Vegas, back in 2015. It’s a street which is neither understated nor quiet, with much going on along its now pedestrianised length. And perhaps, sometimes people forget what is the made-up entertainment of Las Vegas and what is reality.

Seeing a crowd, and liking drama, I had to interfere quickly to see what was going on. What was actually happening is that someone was standing on a tall building nearby and threatening to jump. The emergency services were already there in force and were trying to contain the situation.

Now, I’m not really into human suffering, blood and terror, so I decided to take a photo only of the people taking photos and then I left. To go to Banger Brewing actually, but that’s a different matter. I certainly didn’t want to hear the crowd’s reactions to every twist and turn of this drama, let alone witness something even more dreadful. I have no idea what the outcome was, but I’m still moderately surprised by just how many people wanted to watch this unfold.