Hull – Furley and Co (Second Visit)

This is my second visit to this Good Beer Guide listed pub in Hull, having already visited here in late 2019. I liked the laid-back atmosphere and felt that it was a suitable place to return to. The welcome given on entry was polite and helpful, with our pre-booked table being ready on the first floor.

Two photos of the first-floor dining room, which remained empty until just as we were leaving. I think it was going to be a relatively busy lunch-time for them though, it was just that some customers had reserved tables for a little later on.

How lovely. The ordering process works by ticking boxes on a piece of paper and then going back down to the bar to order. This was fine, although I wasn’t entirely thrilled at having to carry the tray of three drinks and a bottle up to the first floor, not out of laziness, but through being concerned that I might drop the bloody thing. I did hint that I wasn’t entirely delighted at this arrangement, but, fortunately, all went well.

To be honest, this air conditioning unit looks like I’ve fitted it. But, that also means that I was entirely happy with how it looked jutting out as it does.

And my meal, I went for a lighter snack of salt and pepper chicken wrap and this was sufficiently well presented. I’m not a big fan of smaller plates as there’s less room to cut things (and one of my fries fell off the plate onto the floor when the waitress placed it down), but the meal was more substantial than it looked when served. The chicken was tender and the fries were very moreish, although I find that they generally are. The others ordered the boar burger, which was apparently also entirely satisfactory which was very pleasing.

The beer, which I didn’t photograph as I think I needed a rest after carrying the tray up the stairs, was Port Out from Half Moon Brewery. They’re a micro-brewery from Ellerton, which isn’t a huge distance from Hull, with the beer being rich and having a pleasant chocolatey finish to it. It seems that the pub are making a real effort to source beers locally, a plan which should be applauded.

Everything was well managed in the pub and the range of beers was well measured with a variety of different styles available. I also like that their on-line booking system allows customers to choose their own seating in the pub, so that they can sit wherever they like without that being chosen for them by the staff. On that theme, the staff were friendly and this was a comfortable place to spend an hour. All very lovely.