Hull – Campanile Hull

Back to last week, I had a one night stay at this Campanile hotel located near to the city centre in Hull. It’s part of an international chain that I think has seen better days in the UK, but they still have several locations open throughout the country.

The hotel warned me in advance that they needed photo ID from every guest, which suggests serious issues with the guests that they’ve been getting. Although this is potentially something of an inconvenience to me, I still had my passport with me to resolve that issue without problems. The staff at the hotel were friendly and apparently are a new team, so are keen to do their best. I suspect that they’ll struggle given what they have to work with though.

This type of keycard was introduced in the 1980s and they were apparently reasonably common at this time, usually produced by VingCard. That they survive is quite amazing and an early indication that this hotel is in need of a modernisation.

The room was clean and well presented, although very dated with the heater and hair dryer being broken. There was just one power point and it was literally that, it required the TV to be unplugged to use it. This is far from ideal and the hotel will at some point have to entirely renovate these rooms to bring them up to some sort of modern standard. They also need to replace the external signage as some letters have fallen off, which is not the first impression that guests are going to be surprised and delighted at. Well, maybe surprised actually. It might be the case that it’s easier to demolish the entire hotel and rebuild it, as the structure doesn’t exactly look that expensively built in the first place.

I quite liked this hotel and I didn’t have any noise issues either internally or externally. That might have been partly good luck though, as the motel type arrangement means that any late night noise would reverberate around the rooms, something which is evident from the series of negative reviews that the hotel had received about this. And onto the matter of reviews, this hotel is clearly struggling and it one of the worst rated in the city. I’m not sure that I would stay here again as I think the potential downside of noise issues is too high, but if they renovated the rooms and made the whole location a little nicer, then it might be considerably better. But, whether by chance or not, I had no issues and felt that the hotel was certainly something slightly different.