Hull – Amy Johnson Statue

I did wonder at first why there was a statue of Amy Johnson in Hull, but that was just my lack of knowledge, as she was born in God’s own city of Hull in 1903. She was educated at Boulevard Municipal Secondary School in the city and was also the grand-daughter of William Hodge, a former Mayor of Hull.

I’m not sure that this is the most elegant statue of the famous aviator, but there’s at least an interesting map nearby which shows how she was the first woman to fly an aircraft solo from the UK to Australia. The map and floral display must all be relatively new, as previous photos of the statue on-line don’t have all this shrubbery (I still can’t write that word without thinking of Monty Python) around it.

Johnson visited Hull in June 1932, when the Hull Daily Mail reported that she would “hand over a gold cup to the boy or girl who has performed the bravest deed”, which gives me an idea for the Hike Norfolk Christmas meal and award ceremony. I’m confident I’ll win that award (in competition with Dylan, who walked six miles without complaining once). Although apparently at the end of the award ceremony there was “community singing” and we most certainly won’t be doing that at the Hike Norfolk Christmas dinner.

Anyway, back to Amy Johnson. As the plate to the side of the statue notes, “may her fame live on”.