Hull – Atom Brewing at the Corn Exchange (Visit 3)

It would be a fair point to query why I’m writing up another visit to Atom Brewery in Hull, given that I’ve already been on two occasions (visit 1 and visit 2)….. But it’s one of my favourite bars and they continue to surprise and delight me with their beer options, so I felt the need for a quick few words.

Part of the beer selection that was available, covering a range of beer styles and with a suitable choice of decadent and less decadent options. The service was friendly and engaging, with the member of bar staff being knowledgeable about the beer options. Although it was a Tuesday afternoon when I visited, there was a constant trade and most customers were ordering some form of food.

I went for a third of the Stoutzilla 20 from UnBarred Brewery (so it’s an over-poured third, not an under-poured half in the above photo) and a third of the Cherry Skies from the marvellous Vault City Brewing. Starting on the Cherry Skies, this was an exceptional sour with a rich flavour, a strong aftertaste but nothing too harsh. I like cherries (especially in beer) and there was no shortage of them here, with a little bit of vanilla in the mix as well. This was my first of the two beers and I merrily scored it 4.75 on Untappd, but the Stoutzilla was for me a 5 on Untappd as far as I was concerned. It’s possible to overthink these things, but I spend a lot of time thinking about beer, so that’s fine. The Stoutzilla was a rich 10% ABV, but absolutely pleasantly so, with flavours of coffee, vanilla and some Bourbon to add into the mix. Talk about decadence and a range of strong, but not overpowering, flavours. I have a real love for beers where there are a range of competing flavours, that must be a very difficult thing to achieve in the brewing process. UnBarred Brewery and Vault City both produce some brilliant beers, I tend to always opt for those if I see that they’ve got something new on.

Whilst in the bar, I thought that I’d have a little snack with my decadent beer, and I went for the Chorizo Picante pattie buttie. The buttie is a local delicacy, which is effectively mashed potato in a white roll, served with mushy peas. As Tony from the fabulous Hop & Vine pointed out, the chorizo version isn’t really a local tradition, but it’s important to mix the old and the new. The chorizo added some texture to the whole arrangement as well, which was a nice little snack, with the mushy peas being a handy little sauce to dip everything into.

I see that Atom Brewery now have a bar in Beverley, so next time I’m in Hull I think that I might spend a day there (in the town, rather than specifically the bar). As for this bar in Hull, it’s really quite marvellous and I very much recommend a little visit. As a side note, it’s not in the Good Beer Guide as it’s perhaps too keg orientated, but I think it should ideally be listed.