Flixbus – Gdynia to Torun

Fifteen minutes before the scheduled departure time, the Flixbus pulls into the coach station located at the front of Gdynia’s railway station. The Flixbus app provides useful information on not just where the coach station is located, but also which bus stop to wait at. And, also, at the bus stop there’s confirmation that the Flixbus departs from platform 6.

I think it’s fair to say that I’m not the biggest fan of Flixbus, they have been buying up what seems like most coach operators around Europe and the service offered has been, frankly, inadequate. After tens of journeys, not once have they managed to provide all of the following components:

(i) A friendly driver

(ii) Working wi-fi

(iii) Adequate temperature

(iv) Working power

(v) Details of where the coach stop is (accurate information that is)

Usually at least two or three of these aren’t achieved.

But, glory be to God, after years of travel and much disappointment, this was my first perfect Flixbus journey. The driver was friendly, the coach was clean, the app was accurate, the power and wi-fi worked, as well as the temperature being appropriate. The coach arrived on time, the whole service was impeccable and excellent value at just £5 for the journey. The driving was safe and either things are getting better on Flixbus, or I’m just becoming lucky, but this was a bargain journey with a company that made everything easy.