Gdynia – C Corner Cafe

This cafe looked of a reasonable size and seemed well reviewed, so I accidentally meandered in. I seem to do a lot of accidental meandering into cafes and pubs, but such is life. There was coffee cup decoration on the walls and I liked the clarity of the service, which was to pay at the counter and then wait for the food and drinks to be brought over. This is my favourite style of service, with the staff member being helpful and polite. The customer base was also quite mixed, which is usually a positive sign, with students on laptops and middle-aged women chatting.

Some appetising and delicious looking cakes, although I hadn’t intended to eat anything on this visit.

The latte was well presented and had a richness of taste.

The temptation was too strong. The mango cake, which was served as a large portion and was moist and flavoursome. There were pieces of mango within the cake, with the chocolate accoutrements sticking out the top adding some extra texture. The cake was quite sweet, but was fresh and piquant. It wasn’t the cheapest of cafes, but the quality of the products justified the cost, with the atmosphere being suitably relaxed and informal.