Torun – Old Bridge (South Side)

I did post that I’d visit the south side of where the first bridge in Torun used to go from, so I did…..

The approach to the old bridge. It doesn’t receive much traffic now, but I like the idea that thousands of people every year would have come down here to go over the bridge into the city of Torun.

And here’s a little landing stage they’ve created, with a graphic which explains what some of the buildings in Torun are.

It’s a pleasant view of Torun’s vista from the other side of the Vistula River.

That’s where the old bridge would have connected to the other side, by the sensibly named Bridge Gate. Well, it’s not sensible now as there’s no bridge, but it was once sensible.

The new road and pedestrian bridge (well, relatively new) that I used to cross over.

An old photo which is displayed at the site, which I assume is when the road and pedestrian bridge above was destroyed during the Second World War.