Torun – Grande Pizza and Pasta

As I’ve posted before, pizza seems to have become almost the national dish of Poland, the number of Italian restaurants is higher than perhaps any other type of international cuisine.

I was a little unsure of the ordering process, but as this was quite restauranty, I guessed that it would be table service. On the grounds that a friendly staff member came over after a few minutes, hopefully that was correct. I had already decided what I wanted from the Polish menu, although the staff member did mention that there were English versions available. The design of the restaurant is quite modern and contemporary, although it remained quiet during my visit and there were never more than a handful of customers.

There were a few beers, but nothing sufficiently dark and crafty, so I went for the reliable favourite of Pepsi….

The pizza, which was perhaps a little too doughy, but otherwise fine, although I’d preferred it just a little thinner. The topping of chorizo was excellent, with a real depth of taste and flavour. I hadn’t realised what lamb’s lettuce was, other than some type of greenery, and they didn’t skimp on serving that. It tasted of green, although it added some texture to the pizza.

The cheesecake, the exact variety of which I never knew as the staff member read the dessert options out to me. Well presented and it tasted fine, although unexceptional. The prices were relatively inexpensive and the environment was clean, comfortable and organised. There was nothing really notable about this restaurant, but the food and drink were perfectly acceptable and the staff members were helpful.