Torun – Neko Cafe

There’s a slow and steady increase in the number of cat cafes, where visitors can sit amongst cats in a cafe environment. The kitchen and till area is deliberately closed off from the main part of the cafe, for hygiene reasons, and there’s a careful door arrangement near the entrance to stop any cats from sneaking out of the premises.

There was a friendly welcome, so I ordered a coffee. There was food available, although I didn’t see any menus or idea of what exactly what was on offer. The service was always helpful though, I assume the staff rather quite enjoy working amongst all of the cats (or at least, it’d be an irritating job for someone to have who hated cats). The coffee tasted of a good quality as well and was reasonably priced at around £2.

The interior of the cafe, which was relatively busy, although not full.

Some of the cats.

Then a little pussy cat comes over to the table.

Intrigued by my camera.

And having a little look at the screen.

All very lovely, although there didn’t seem to be any published rules as I’ve seen in other cat cafes which tries to regulate the conduct of the customers on how they interact with cats. The cats all looked happy though, with plenty of areas they could go and hide in if they wanted.