Torun – Torun Cathedral

Unfortunately, there’s not much that I can post about this, as I couldn’t get into Torun Cathedral as they didn’t seem to ever bother opening it. I’m not sure why these buildings have to be closed, it was the only church in the city centre that remained firmly locked up when I was there. To be fair, it was open for a service on the Sunday, but that wouldn’t have been an appropriate time to visit as a tourist. Anyway, I’m sure that I’ll visit Torun again at some stage and during the summer months the tower is also open to tourists.

Work started on the church in the late thirteenth century and it holds the nationally important Tuba Dei bell.

This is the original fifteenth century clock face, with a hole visible just by the number 8. This is from when a cannon ball hit the clock when the Swedish attack the city in 1703.

And a statue of Pope John Paul II. The church was elevated to the status of a minor basilica in 1935 and it became a cathedral in 1992. For those interested in churches, it’s hard to beat the city’s Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary though for architectural beauty.