Torun – Leaning Tower of Torun

Known in Polish as Krzywa Wieża, this is a defensive tower first constructed during the thirteenth century. Soon after, there was a little problem when it was discovered that some of the foundations were effectively resting on sandy ground and the building started to tilt.

The tilt is more obvious from a little way away. It deviates by just under 1.5 metres from where it should be, which is quite a sizeable amount. I’m moderately surprised that the tower hasn’t fallen down, especially given the number of attacks it has faced over the centuries, but it has survived under its many guises.

It’s not ideal for the viewpoint of a civil engineer, but it’s certainly a tourist hot-spot for the city. There’s a legend that if you’re honest, then you can stand with both feet on the ground against the wall, with your back against the wall whilst being able to stretch both arms out. I know how honest I am, so I didn’t need to try this.