Bristol – Bag of Nails

It’s safe to say that this pub is unique, since it’s full of cats, it has a lot of rules and a landlord who has upset a fair few people. But, it’s also marvellous, it’s well-run and at a guess I’d say that most of the people upset by the landlord are probably idiots.

Some of the pub rules.

The quirky interior of the pub.

The toilets are also decorated.

A port-hole through to the cellar underneath the main bar.

This is a beard friendly pub. And goodness knows what happened to that phone.

The nature of the pub’s operation, namely being full of cats, means that there’s a limited opportunity to serve food. Nathan decided to risk a pork pie for £1 and he reported back that they were excellent, so we ordered a few more. He was right, they were a bargain for £1 each, and there was piccalilli to go along with them.

Some photos of the cats, who to be honest looked perfectly content and happy. They were evenly distributed along the bar and were mostly asleep.

One of the cats scratched Scott. He deserved it.

Liam, Scott, Ross and Nathan admiring all of the cats.

I very much liked this pub although I hadn’t expected to before I went in. The landlord seemed happy to engage about the beer selection, the other staff member was helpful and they were both keen to discuss the cats in the pub. They might be just slightly selective in their customers, not wanting stag groups or anything which might upset the cats, but that doesn’t seem unreasonable. There was also a decent beer selection, with none of that fizzy rubbish, and the surroundings were clean and quirky. All rather lovely.