Bristol – Edward Colston Statue

This is the controversial statue of Edward Colston which is located in Bristol city centre. The local Labour MP, Thangam Debbonaire wants it gone. However, such a move might be divisive, so why not do something artistic which tells the story rather than airbrushes it? That’s the plan here anyway.

And here it is. Using the old overhead view of how slaves were forced into a small spaces during transport, it has been brought to the modern day by referring to jobs such as kitchen worker, sex worker and fruit picker. These jobs can be related to modern slavery and what a wonderful way of using art to tell a story.

These 100 figures were part of the anti-slavery day which was held in October 2018, although I can’t find out which artist was responsible for it. Whoever it was, it’s a brilliant reinterpretation of the statue which doesn’t take away from history, but adds to it.