Bradford – Bradford Cathedral

This is from my visit to Bradford Cathedral a couple of weeks ago, and I managed to take around 80 photos, which is rather more than I had anticipated. This means that I now feel the need to post some individual posts featuring some of the photos to justify my efforts in taking them. It is though a beautiful building, mixing heritage and a modern feel.

This was St. Peter’s Church until it was elevated to cathedral status in 1919, with a religious building on this site since the Anglo-Saxon period although it was likely derelict at the time of the Norman occupation. The current building is at its heart from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, with some modern bits added on. It has had to cater for a growing population, but it wasn’t knocked about too much by the Victorians, although was extended in the 1950s following the designs of the architect Edward Maufe. The changes in population in this area are evident as this building was once in the Diocese of York, then the Diocese of Ripon before becoming its own diocese when it became a cathedral.

The cathedral’s exterior, with many locals enjoying the sunny weather and sitting in the churchyard (I didn’t include them in the photo).

I’ll have to write separate posts about some of the elements that interested me at the cathedral, but this is the interior which was peaceful and quiet. The cathedral had the foresight to create a museum of religion here at the turn of the century, but unfortunately it wasn’t a financial success, perhaps just too niche. Anyway, the environment in the building felt welcoming and one of the staff made brief conversation as they walked by, and I think that engagement is really useful as someone might have gone in needing assistance.