Leicester – Travelodge Leicester City Centre

This is from my stay in early September 2021, the nearly new Leicester City Centre Travelodge. I’ve been deeply impressed this year by much of what Travelodge are doing, but as far as I could see this hotel was ineptly managed. Firstly, it took me the best part of half an hour to get in, as there is no working intercom at the front door. The shopping centre entrance was closed when I visited, so the only way in was via the car park entrance. That required me to press the buzzer to the car park, which is privately operated, who let me in so that I could walk around to the hotel.

I got to reception and there were no staff, just a queue of other annoyed guests. The staff member seemed perplexed that the buzzer wasn’t working, although it transpired it had been broken for some days, it hadn’t occurred to them to put a sign up. The staff member mentioned I could have phoned the local number on the sign at reception, but I wasn’t entirely sure how she thought I was going to have seen that, and the phone number in the booking was a premium rate one. The reason I must admit to being annoyed at the management is that guests the next day still couldn’t get in, so I wasn’t convinced they were in the slightest bit interested.

The hotel was clean and organised, although I was already pre-annoyed at the whole set-up by this point.

This whole set-up is odd, the exit is on the ground floor, but can only be accessed via the first floor. Anyone with disabilities needs to use stair lifts to get from the entrance to the first floor lift, or use the shopping centre when it’s open. This isn’t Travelodge being awkward, it’s a former office block being converted into hotel use, but it means a clunky set-up to get in. It all felt slightly too unsafe for my liking, especially given the indifference of the management here.

The conversion from an office block has meant that the rooms are larger than usual size and they look really quite barren. I don’t use the television in hotel rooms, but it looked a little ridiculous that tiny thing on the wall. The windows are sealed and the air quality in the room is poor, with loud and clunky air conditioning. The whole arrangement was way too sterile for me, although the hotel room was very clean, perhaps inevitable given how new everything was.

I wouldn’t stay at this hotel again, partly because I wouldn’t be comfortable that I could actually get in, but also because of the sterile rooms and the poor air quality. There is another Travelodge in the centre of Leicester, more on which shortly, which was older but which I much preferred. This hotel was very reasonably priced, but perhaps this whole set-up would have been better turned into residential accommodation.