Amalfi Coast Trip – Day Four (La Bottega della Birra)

I was a little disappointed when this pub was shut when it was meant to be open, but that allowed us to have an excellent meal at Trattoria dei Mori opposite. And when we had finished that meal the pub was open. There’s a large beer selection, although it was very heavy on Belgian beers and the dark beer I did want they had run out of.

The barman recommended this dark lager instead of the beer I tried to order, and it was acceptable although unexceptional.

The interior of the pub was comfortable and rather satisfactorily old fashioned. It was the nearest to a pub environment that I got during the week.

The free crisps supplied by the bar, something I wish that UK bars did more. The service in the bar was friendly and helpful, with the atmosphere relaxed and comfortable. Craft beer isn’t as common in Italy as it is in the UK, US and eastern European countries. Actually, it’s nearly non existent in swathes of the country. For those wanting Belgian and lighter beers, the selection here is enormous and exciting, although for those of us who like dark beers the shelves of beer bottles aren’t quite as glittering… But, I’d recommend a visit here for anyone who likes beer as perhaps in a decade there will be tens of these places  🙂