Amalfi Coast Trip – Day Four (Trattoria dei Mori)

The pub that I wanted to go was shut (we did get there later on in the evening), but fortunately there was a restaurant opposite which was well reviewed. It was raining very heavily…. We went in and tried to get a table for four people and initially the staff member seemed unsure, although after checking he said we could have one if we left within two hours.

The decor was a little quirky, but I thought it was clean and comfortable. The service in the restaurant was always friendly, engaging and attentive, other than when Bev wanted to set her biscuits on fire. Although we were aware that we needed to leave within two hours, the staff never hurried us and ultimately we had to ask the bill so that we could leave.

Dough balls with cheese for the table, supplied compliments of the restaurant.

The seafood platter with mussels, clams, prawns, shellfish, pasta and in a broth. It was exceptional with the seafood tasting fresh and with the broth being full of flavour. I used up all the table’s bread trying to mop the broth up and I was delighted when a staff member saw this and came and supplied us with more bread. And I used all that up if I’m being honest. Marvellous.

The panna cotta with pineapple sauce, with the main part of the dish having the appropriate light texture and wobbly consistency. The pineapple sauce was rich, but not overpowering, and it was neatly presented. I didn’t really need a dessert, but I was so impressed with the restaurant I knew that they wouldn’t let me down.

Limoncello, again supplied with the compliments of the restaurant.

Overall, this was the best restaurant of the week as far as I was concerned, professional service, a clean environment, reasonable prices and a high quality of food and drink. We were fortunate to get a table and in retrospect it would have been sensible to get an advance reservation.