Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Trip – Day Four (Bagni Regina Giovanna)

This site dates back to at least the Roman times and was altered to become a defensive harbour. It’s also long been used for swimming and bathing, and swimming was what Bev and Steve decided to do. I just had a little paddle, whilst Gordon had a little sit down.

The view down into the secluded little bay, with the water being clear and inviting. Although not so inviting that I wanted to swim in it.

A few people came down to take photos, but our groups were the only ones to either swim or paddle in the water. The steps were slightly more rickety than I’d have liked, but were fortunately stable.

All very idyllic, although there were a few pieces of green glass which had to be avoided. It’s a shame that people think that taking a bottle down which then gets smashed is somehow a good idea….