Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Trip – Train to Salerno

With everyone now in Naples, our plan was to get to Amalfi by getting the train to Salerno and then the ferry from there. I got the tickets, which cost just under £5 each, very reasonable, although it’s confusing as the InterCity tickets (or whatever they call it here) were much more expensive. However, we had the right tickets (we think) and so on we went to the platform.

I took a photo of the above train for Dylan, vaguely hoping that this lovely train was the one that we’d be on.

Here’s ours….

I checked with a member of staff to ensure that we were on the right train, and pleasingly we were. After boarding Gordon broke some of the train.

We arrived safely into Salerno, although Bev’s last minute expedition within the train caused some concern that she wouldn’t disembark in time. But all was well and the 35 minute train journey was suitably comfortable. No power points on the train, but it was basically clean, although bits kept falling off the interior. They need some new carriages, like the investment that the UK rail network has already received. But, that debate is for elsewhere…..

Our next task was to find the ferry.