Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast Trip – Toraldo

We had a wait of around an hour for our train in Naples, and so we found time to pop into a little cafe. It’s wasn’t Greggs, but sometimes you just have to make do with what there is…. It’s not the most glamorous of railway stations, but at least we found a few seats at this cafe.

This cafe has an internal area and an external area where you can order from. I can’t see the point of the external area, as if you order from there (which I did) then you still have to go in to pay. But the food looked reasonably well presented and customers could choose whether they wanted the pizza hot or cold. Staff member who served the food was friendly, although the service inside didn’t feel as organised as it perhaps could have been.

I went for hot and the pizza tasted fine, nothing exceptional, but the dough was light and the tomato sauce was rich and flavoursome. Given that it was just over £2, it was a perfectly acceptable snack. Bev went for wine, with Bev and Steve both going for some delicious looking pastry which had some rather random ingredients in it.