New York City

2022 US Trip – Day 4 (McChicken Biscuit)


I had a wait of around thirty minutes before Bronx Zoo opened and I wasn’t sure how to fill that time until I saw that God had put a McDonald’s near the entrance, so I went there to sit with my laptop. As can be seen, this McDonald’s at 1101 E Tremont Avenue sits underneath the rail line they plonked here a century ago.


I don’t really like McDonald’s breakfasts in the main, but I noticed that they had a McChicken biscuit and I’m a big believer of when in a country, get local food, and for this trip I define that as American fast food. This was delicious and nutritious (perhaps not scientifically) with the tender chicken being just what I needed as a breakfast snack. That Fanta, which I note is the correct bright orange colour whilst the UK one seems to be ever more watery, costs 99 cents for an unlimited amount. It’s easy and cheap to stay hydrated in the United States…..

As for whether I needed to write a blog post just because I had a McDonald’s menu item that I hadn’t had before, then yes, yes I do…… I should probably get out more.