2022 US Trip – Day 16 (Chicago – Domino’s Pizza)


Um, well, I never claimed that this blog was always full of riveting content. Indeed, it rarely ever is. But, after visiting the rather lovely BuckleDown Brewing I needed to come up with a plan for food and I then discovered a discount voucher for pizza. This was at the time of Liz Truss’s budget which wrecked the exchange rate, so a thrifty option seemed most sensible.

I ordered on-line and went to pick up as the Domino’s was located around 100 metres down the road and I don’t like deliveries as I find the whole process quite unnerving. My friend Richard seems to find these interactions positively wholesome, but I hate staring out of the window in case I miss the delivery, so I invariably wait outside and by that point I might as well collect myself. I’m digressing again. Incidentally, he doesn’t mind getting taxis either, another thing I find far too stressful (and indeed expensive).


How lovely!

Very delicious, especially with the generous amount of jalapenos, and I like how Domino’s cut their pizzas into squares. I really do need to get out more to find that exciting, but variety is the spice of life. And beer. It had been quite a productive day and what better way to reward that but with pizza?