2022 US Trip – Day 11 (Long Walk from Charlotte Amtrak Station to Hotel)


OK, in LDWA terms, this isn’t a long walk, but five miles or so is a fair chunk to get to the hotel in the evening after what had already been a long day. But, I’m not one to comment on my bravery of course. I had checked in advance that it looked a generally safe area and I fancied walking as although I could have got there using two buses, it wouldn’t have been any quicker. So off I went merrily listening to podcasts.


This is the sidewalk and there are constant reminders that the walking infrastructure in huge chunks of the United States is completely shot. There is a sidewalk on the other side, but it’s not always easy to cross and then there’s another obstacle on the other side. I accept this one is easy for me to walk around, but others weren’t and there was no alternative to going into the road.


The War of Sugar Creek, more on which at for anyone interested.


The sun was starting to set and I was relieved that the Amtrak train had been on schedule.


This KFC was opening the following week and note how they had decided to water their grass in front of the building, regardless that people had to walk along the sidewalk. And the water didn’t just hit the sidewalk at the edges, look where the sprinklers are….


Crossing a road bridge, I rather liked the sunset.


Nearly there…..


Safe and sound, pleased that I was using public transport to get back into Charlotte the following morning.