Wolverhampton – The Posada

I had a little time in Wolverhampton before getting the tram back, so I decided to pop into the Good Beer Guide listed Posada. There was particular note about the heritage of the pub’s interior as well, which always adds to a visit.

I struggled a little bit to see what beers were available as this is a pub that locals perch themselves at the bar and block the view. Given that the pub was otherwise nearly empty, this wasn’t ideal and I know that some people get intimidated by a set-up like this. Anyway, the service was polite at the bar and the environment was welcoming after getting over that first step. I have to say though that I didn’t get the community feel that I usually get in pubs, but I’m sure that everything was fine. I suspect that the pub also offered more drinks than I could see though, but it seems to have a choice of generic beers and two real ales.

The quirky rear room and there’s more about the history of this pub at https://pubheritage.camra.org.uk/pubs/10111. It doesn’t take much imagination to picture this pub in the late nineteenth century and I’d say it’s worth coming in just to experience the interior. I think that there’s a beer garden out the back of the pub as well, but I didn’t venture that far.

I liked this little alcove, so I went in here and it seems that this was once part of the corridor to the rear room. The pub certainly didn’t disappoint with its heritage and it was clean and tidy throughout. Every table had a number and a phone number on it, although I’m not sure what customers are supposed to do with that if they want table service. They can perhaps WhatsApp an order or maybe text an order, but I don’t know which.

The prices were low, although I only ordered half a pint of HPA from Wye Valley Brewery and a packet of crisps, so I’m not sure that I contributed much to the pub’s profits. The beer was better than I had expected, well-kept and had a nice citrus edge to it. Definitely a decent entry to the Good Beer Guide and a pub interior of some considerable note.