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Wolverhampton – Hogshead

This is the Hogshead in Wolverhampton, a Good Beer Guide listed pub which is operated by Stonegate. I hadn’t realised incidentally just what a range of beers, craft and keg, that Hogshead offer, something I wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for CAMRA.

The building dates from the late nineteenth century and as can be seen in brickwork above the door, this used to be The Vine pub before it was rebranded.

There was an interesting and bright pub interior which was across a few different levels and there was a pool table area as well. I wasn’t sure whether customers were meant to wait for table service or to order at the bar. I decided to order at the bar so I could see what was available and a staff member was there immediately to help, so all very efficient.

The range of drinks, much better than I had anticipated and the prices were reasonable. I had expected a more generic range of lagers from this brand, so I was impressed at what they were offering, it’s not what I had associated with Hogshead.

I went for half a pint of the Pump Up the Jam from Tiny Rebel and half a pint of Common Grounds from Magic Rock Brewing, both very good beers and well kept.

The pub also offers a £10 ‘work from the pub’ offer which gives anyone a lunch, unlimited soft or hot drinks as well as access to wi-fi and power. It’s the first time though that I’ve seen an offer like this which is time constrained, in this case to 2.5 hours. That’s perhaps not ideal (although I accept isn’t ungenerous), as by the time someone has had lunch, there isn’t a huge amount of time left. Anyway, the concept is great and it’s something that’s becoming much more common and that can only be good for the pub industry at getting more people in. When I’ve experienced things such as Brewdog’s Desk Dog, there has been no time limit.

There were plenty of staff visible and the environment was clean and comfortable. They had a lot of reserved seating, I think because of a quiz being held later on in the evening, which meant that there wasn’t much choice of seating available for walk-ins. There’s a comprehensive food menu and there are a few meal deals and the like on there, so it seemed reasonable value for money. I think they also show sports and the like as well when they’re on and the reviews the pub gets are mostly favourable. I can imagine that this pub gets busier with a younger crowd at weekends, probably quite a lively environment.

I’m very pleased that this pub was listed in the Good Beer Guide given that it has changed my perception of the brand, although this one might not be typical. Friendly service, excellent range of drinks and a comfortable environment. All very lovely.