Warsaw – Falling Ice Excitement

I like a little bit of drama, nothing too exotic, just something which adds some excitement to proceedings.

I realised something amiss when the people waiting on the other side of the road to cross started to look backwards and upwards.

And then I wondered why it was raining ice cubes. It’s hard to get these in a photo, but there were thousands of pieces of ice falling from the building, covering quite a wide area. Most were the size of ice cubes and a couple of pedestrians yelped as they were hit, with car drivers wondering what was pelting their cars.

The base of the building was being secured and a police officer appeared, although I suspect that this is a building design fault and it happens on a semi-regular basis when low temperatures cause freezing overnight and then it thaws in the morning sun. It’s not an ideal situation though, the area closed off wasn’t sufficient and people were getting hit. But, it was quite exciting to watch, like confetti falling from a building, but yet with a bit more jeopardy for anyone who got hit.

And, I’m pleased to report, despite ice falling all around me and getting very close, none hit me.