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Two Julians – Study Tour to Cromer

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Another day, another onerous study tour. This time we boarded the Sanders thunderbolt to Cromer where we expected to visit nine pubs during the day. These were:

Wellington Pub

Kings Head (closed)

Pavilion Bar on Cromer Pier

Red Lion



Hotel de Paris (bar closed)

Cliftonville Hotel

White Horse

With two pubs that we couldn’t access, that took our total number of venues to seven during the day, which is still a creditable effort we thought.


We also made time to visit the town’s church.


Since we were at the seaside our sustenance was chips. These were £2.50 from Mary Jane’s Fish Bar, suitably filling and the service was efficient so I wasn’t left waiting in the queue full of anticipation for them.


Back again at the transportation hub of North Norfolk, connecting in with routes to the international multimodal hub at North Walsham.


I was pleased with my view out of the window on the way back to Norwich.


Julian commented on his rather more obstructed view.


Safely back in Norwich. It was another fulfilling day, with perhaps the unexpected treat being the Cliftonville Hotel and the wide range of local beers at the Red Lion. The Gangway offered the best craft beer and I’d say it was also the friendliest welcome of the day. However, the pubs were all credits to the community that they serve and they’re doing a marvellous job of staying open in these troubled times. All of the pubs that we visited served real ale in some form, with most having at least some effort at offering craft beer as well.